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At Tony’s Pest Control, we appreciate that even a small nuisance can turn into a big problem seemingly overnight. Insects such as ants and termites can cause untold amounts of damage to a home, lower its inherent property value and in some cases, even require the structure to be partially rebuilt. So, pests need to be dealt with promptly and efficiently. Of course, this is no job for amateurs. Professionals need to be chosen that use the latest techniques and employ highly trained technicians. We are happy to offer our services to Maryborough, Avoca and Castlemaine.


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Significant Factors To Consider While Hiring Freight Companies Melbourne

If you are among those reliable business entrepreneurs who want to ship their goods overseas from China to Australia, then it is very much crucial for you to do it the right way by finding and hiring the reliable freight forwarder China to Australia who will handle and deliver your goods or services professionally and efficiently. International freight forwarder Australia provide the ideal shipping method of choice if the goods you want delivered overseas or those you want imported to you in Australia are large in size or high in quantity.

If you are looking for reliable international freight forwarders to ship your goods, then it is crucial for you to take into account few significant factors to choose the best among them. This article outlines such factors that are significant to consider in the following pointers:-

  • If your goods are over a certain volume or size, it is more cost efficient to go with proficient freight forwarding services than postal services or larger, commercial shipping companies. This is because there are few reliable Freight Companies Melbournehave that are best suited for mass volumes of small packages.
  • When looking for the perfect freight forwarders in Melbourne, you will obviously be concerned with price. For this, you can get quotes from a wide variety of companies to see what they will charge for the same size, weight, and volume of goods. This can help you in finding the accredited and reputable Freight Companies Melbourne have. When you have found freight forwarding services they will give you a competitive price.
  • If you are in a business, it would help to find out what is considered the industry norm for charging for a particular amount of goods. This information could be gathered online and speaking to a large number of reputable international freight forwarders in Melbourne should also provide you with an accurate idea.

The truth is that the image of any company relies on their promptness in delivering goods to the requisite destinations all in good condition. There are few reputable firms, where the professionals can help you in improving your prompt services by providing you diligent logistics services. Thus, it is crucial for you to keep in mind above mentioned factors while selecting any such firm. is one web based companies that fulfils all the above mentioned criteria. This is one company, where the professionals offer services to many businesses that need transport services or relocating and other interrelated services.

How is e-commerce transforming supply chain logistics

Jone Lang Lasalle (JLL) released in its first white paper on global e-commerce and supply chain logistics the following e-commerce statistics:

  • US$1 trillion of sales in 2012 (eMarketer)
  • US$579.9 billion global online retail sales in 2012 (Euromonitor)

What is the implications of these data to the future of retail logistics? How can BRi assist supply chain owners like you in better managing your retail stocks?

How much has supply chain logistics evolved through the years

The worldwide web and mobile broadband has given so much buying power to consumers. Almost everything can be bought with a click of the mouse or a tap on your mobile screen. Rather than picking up your purchased items at the store, you are more than welcome to have it delivered straight to your home, office or your friend’s house.

This has transformed shopping into a very pleasant experience and unless you make your customers feel this way, you are in deep trouble. Let’s see and discover how much the retail logistics industry has changed over the decades and how you should adapt to these changes.

Emerging new types of logistics facilities

The shift from multi-channel to omni-channel has prompted the emergence of new types of logistics facilities such as:

  • Mega e-fulfillment centers are gigantic logistics warehousing represented by tens of millions of square feet of warehouse storage now being built in China. These warehouses were first seen in Tier cities of China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
  • Parcel hubs are smaller yet automated warehouses featuring extensive loading bays for trucks. It is the ideal location for sorting and labeling products.
  • Parcel delivery centers are characterised by long and low-level buildings. It has extensive loading for vans and is located on the edge of major cities and urban areas for easier, faster and more convenient home delivery or deliver to collection points.
  • Returns processing centers are strategically situated within city centers for easy receipt of return items from customers.
  • warehouses are specialised warehouses for the online food fulfillment industry. It is built in city centers where online food order volumes are in demand.

Major factors contributing to supply chain logistics transformation

Technology plays a significant role to the fast evolving e-commerce industry. The following data shows just how much its contribution are.

High rates of internet and mobile broadband usage

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reveals that the internet penetration averages around 77% in developed nations and 31% in developing countries. Further, it estimates that 2.7 billion people or around 39% of the world’s population will be using the internet by the end of 2013.

Low fixed and mobile broadband costs

ITU shares that mobile broadband rates cost around or under 2% of monthly incomes in Europe but remains expensive in developing countries. But these rates have significantly dropped by 82% if it is to be measured in terms of share of GNI per capita.

Improved regulatory infrastructure supporting online purchasing

Both the government and private sectors have taken the initiative to strengthen online payment security including Visa.

‘Visa already offers 100 percent purchase protection across all of its credit, debit and prepaid cards issued in Australia under its Zero Liability policy. Under this policy, Visa cardholders are not held liable for unauthorized transactions whether they are conducted online, in person or over the phone.’

High digital buyer penetration rate

Frost & Sullivan reveals the tremendous influence of mobile users to the rising e-commerce trend:

‘In 2013, purchases via mobile devices, ie., smartphones and tablets grew by 30%, accounting for $4.9 billion or 27% of all online shopping purchases. Online spending on tablets increased from 5% in 2011 to 8% in 2012 and 10% in 2013. Purchases via mobile devices are predicted to grow strongly in 2014, growing by 27% and predicted to reach $14.1 by 2017, growing at a CAGR of 30% over the next four years.’

Australia joins the e-commerce trend

We see a boost in the economy of nations embracing the e-commerce trend. Is it the same for Australia?

Laura Close of Business Australia Review shares this report:

‘This year, Asia Pacific will actually surpass North America to become the world’s largest market for business-to-consumer e-commerce sales, with sales of nearly $1.5 trillion (eMarketer). Australians in particular have embraced online shopping, spending more than $14 billion online in 2013 – a surge of more than 9% from $12.8 billion in the previous year.’

The challenges faced by the e-commerce industry today

New customer demands have brought forth additional challenges to the e-commerce industry extending the problem to include:

The ‘click and collect’ market trend

Econsultancy ran a survey last year and had these results:

  • 79% of consumers have used click and collect in the past year
  • Almost two-thirds of consumers (63%) have bought products online before collecting them in-store at least once in the past 12 months, while 16% use reserve-and-collect at least once a month
  • Just over one-fifth (22%) of respondents said they had never used reserve-and-collect.

50% of respondents had abandoned a purchase online due to unsatisfactory delivery options

Why the shift to click and collect?

The click and collect market trend beats the traditional pick-up-in-store system as it allows customers to:

  • Check the availability of the product
  • Reserve it
  • Pick it up in store or in another convenient location

This is a more convenient shopping option because it gives the customers full control of the items they purchase. It has become so popular, not only in Australia but elsewhere around the globe, industry experts believe it will soon account to half of the many retailer’s online revenue. However, a key factor to ensure success in the click and collect market trend is satisfactory delivery options.

What is it’s impact to supply chain logistics management?

With more products bought online and expected to be picked-up-in-store, the demand for a more efficient logistics solutions become inevitable. You’ll need more than a logistics provider to assist you with these customer demands.

Cross border e-commerce

One of the major factors affecting e-commerce is cross border trade due to the following:

  • Different languages
  • Diversity in culture
  • VAT fees
  • Banking rules
  • National regulations and legislation
  • International rules and policies

You’ll need a reliable customs broker knowledgeable with globalization and expansion of international trade to avoid penalties for non-compliance to customs rules and regulations. Our customs clearance experts are always ready to assist you. Talk to us at 1300 348 828.

BRi responds to e-commerce industry demand with direct to store solution

‘Logistics companies must move now with an immediate focus on press and go solutions whether it be into or out of Australia. With constant pressures being applied to the wholesale supply chain we must continue to drive costs downwards while decreasing delivery time to market.

‘We can see consumers wanting their order on or soon after payment so let’s start listening and find a way through.

‘Improve your supply chain logistics operation. Talk to us at 1300 348 828 and learn how our direct to store solution can help reduce your freight landed cost by up to 30% and 5 day reduced lead times.’

Four Important Tips for the Customers Keen on Hiring Professional Roof Cleaning in Brisbane

The roof is a portion of a home, which has the maximum exposure to nature. Hence, it is bound to accumulate dust and dirt at periodic intervals. Therefore, after certain intervals, one may have to explore options of roof cleaning. It is a process to remove dirt, algae and moss from the roof area. On most instances, this is a job of a professional. One should look to contact firms offering to clean the roof area. There are plenty of them and for someone in need of roof cleaning in Brisbane can rely on the prestigious names that can provide just the correct expert services.

One can always call on the number mentioned on the website and workout the formalities of hire. However, before the actual hire there are a few issues to consider. One must make sure that the roof cleaning process goes on with minimum fuss. Hence, there is a need to plan accordingly. Let us, therefore, stress upon the issues that require prominence.

Rooftop Prince – 6628, image credit by W!ll Chan

A license:

This is always the first check for someone keen on a cleaning job. Is the particular cleaner licensed with the authorities? One needs to check on this issue. Actually, there is always a concern for safety when unknown people are working inside a premise. Now if a particular professional has a license, it is easy to trace him back, just in case there are any issues. Moreover, the authorities do a check on that particular individual. Hence, it is a lot safer.

The insurance:

This is an important check for anyone keen to hire a roof cleaning company. There can be plenty of risks if anyone has climbed the roof. If a roof cleaner falls from those levels, there are bound to be worries. Hence, check on the insurance is an absolute necessity. A person who is covered will be able to negotiate that impact in a smooth manner.

The nature of work:

It is essential to go into details and focus upon the specific nature of work. Do, they go for pressure washing, or use of abrasive detergents? Experts have stressed upon the need to do away totally with this alternative. It can cause potential damage to the roof area. The stress should always be on the soft wash solution.

The quotes:

There is a price to pay for everything, and it should be no different here. Hence, there is a need to stress upon the quote of that individual roof cleaning firm. One can look to go for someone offering cheap. However, there is a need to look at the work quality. The stress should be laid on having a chat with people who have hired roof cleaners earlier. They will be able to offer a perfect guide on who is the best amidst the names operating here in Brisbane.

These are some key areas of focus for people keen to hire professionals for roof cleaning purposes. A clean roof does tend to restore the beauty of a home. In complicated instances, one must hire a professional. However, if it is for smaller issues of removing algae stains, then someone who is the do it on your own type can always look for a mixture of two parts of water and part of bleach to do the job. One can look to apply the combination with a garden sprayer. However, one must be careful while climbing onto the roof.

For other complicated matters, it makes sense to take professional help. Someone thinking on these lines can look up to the expertise of Dr Roof here in Brisbane. They provide 24-hour emergency service. Hence, if there is an issue, one can give them a call. They will be happy to respond.

Four Important Concerns for Someone Keen on Windscreen Replacement or Repair

Before the stress shifts onto windscreen replacement, let us initially focus on what is a windscreen. According to the definition, it is the front window mostly made of laminated safety glass. The key focus is to protect the passenger seated in the vehicle from debris, flying objects or dirt. Hence, just for any reasons, if there are cracks, one may have to look into alternatives of repair. The first step in this direction will be to contact a professional providing such services. There are plenty of them and in this age of internet marketing, it should not be a worry for anyone to locate a name.

removing-windscreen, image credit by southamptonwindscreens

For someone keen on windscreen replacement in Brisbane, there are plenty of names offering the same services. One can call up and work out the hire formalities. However, before the hire, one can always check out on a few key areas. It makes the process smooth and hassle free. Let us focus upon them accordingly.

The insurance issues:

A car buy is costly and few can afford a repeat buyout. Hence, most car owners generally tend to insure everything. However, reclaiming money from the insurance company can be a tough task. No business organization loves to shell out money. Hence, the stress should be laid on locating someone who will help in reclaiming money from the insurance company. One will run into the options for windscreen repair in Brisbane.

Look for service guarantee:

No one relishes the prospect of a repeat job within frequent intervals. Hence, the idea is to stress for someone offering service guarantee. The rules are plain and simple in this regard. The guarantee is for a specific period. If within this time frame, if the same problem occurs, then the same firm will look into issues. However, this time, they will not charge any money.

Look for mobile services:

A vehicle is dear to its owner. Hence, few love the repair work to be carried out at a distant location. Any vehicle owner is a lot more comfortable, if someone comes over and does the job. Hence, the stress should be laid on locating a firm offering the services for mobile windscreen replacement in Brisbane. These firms have their own mobile vans. Therefore, at any stage, if there are concerns, one can give them a call. They will quickly come over and look into windscreen repair and replacement concerns.

The quotes:

There is a price to pay for everything, and it should be no different here. Hence, be it minor issues of windscreen crack repair or something major; one certainly needs to look into the quotes. A vehicle owner should look to do a comparative study of what some of the major names in town are offering and then decide upon something. It is essential to focus on quotes. However, it is equally unwise to compromise much on quality concerns. The trick will be to go for someone offering the perfect quality work within a competitive pricing structure.

These are a few issues that a vehicle owner keen on windscreen stone chip repair or anything in general must enquire before outsourcing the work to someone else. A repair situation comes when there are defects found in the windshield. It will be a great idea to take necessary steps to prevent such a thing from occurring. A perfect way will be to keep the windshield away from extreme temperatures. If there has been a crack, one should go for quick repair. Moreover, it is essential to note that a repair is feasible if a crack is within 12 inches. For something of a larger size, one may have to go for replacement. A better move will be to outsource work to Devin’s Windscreens. They will analyze the situation and offer a perfect solution.

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Tony’s Termite and Pest Control provides safe and reliable services for homes across SEQ. Let our friendly technicians take care of your general pest problems.

With over 15 years of experience we offer guaranteed peace of mind across our complete range of services. We ensure the highest level of safety is maintained at all times as we often work in child and pet-friendly environments. Our team is fully certified, insured and equipped with company uniforms and clearly labeled vehicles. If you are unsatisfied at any stage we are only a phone call away.

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Office Cleaner Pakenham

As commercial cleaning contractors, we take pride in developing and maintaining lasting relationships with business partners. Our staff brings a wealth of proven experience and management in providing quality cleaning services. We distinguish ourselves with an exceptional combination of expertise in the cleaning industry, gained through many years of experience from a stakeholder perspective in commercial facility cleaning and maintenance services provided for shopping centres, retail outlets, and all commercial premises in Metropolitan Melbourne suburbs ranging from the Melbourne CBD to Pakenham. Our cleaning ability has created a winning combination of outstanding and completely guaranteed facility maintenance services

Sparko creates lasting relationships with our customers. Our cleaning strategies are designed and managed to shift the cleaning burden from you to us. A common theme for these relationships is the use of effective management strategies and best commercial business practices geared to deliver discernible benefits. Our state-of-the art, techniques, and processes provide our clients with the results they expect.

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How Leadership Training Enhances Your Professional Effectiveness

Do you know who is a leader? What makes a leader different from a manager and why leadership training is important in today’s world of tough times?

Read the article given below to unlock the solution to the above questions.

A leader is a person who has a clear defined vision. He is a person who can foresee things into its final shape and fixes all problems and bottleneck that arrives in his/her path of goal fulfillment/accomplishment.

On the other hand a manager is one who just manages things. Managers work with subordinates whereas leaders work with followers. Managers give answers whereas leaders ask questions. Managers may or may not praise their subordinate where as leaders acknowledge his./her followers even for the smallest thing.

Thus, from our above discussion it is clearly evident that who is a leader and what characteristics distinguishes a leader from a manager.

Today, in this rapidly changing business environment faced with tough competition there is an urgent call for more number of leaders as compared to managers. This call of an hour makes it significantly imperative for all the corporate, small and big business houses, SMEs and public/private counterparts to conduct these program for their employees in order to help the individuals and organization grow as a leader.

There are number of leadership trainers who conduct effective leadership training programs for the success of both the employee and the employer.

These training programs help organizations to:

Create an understanding of attributes, skills and knowledge that are essential for a successful leader

Know the significance of working in teams by practicing interpersonal communication and team building skills

Creatively find ways and means to address a problem or an issue that involves logical thinking through brain storming.

Develop SMART (SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC, TIMED) goals to have a clear focus on the end result

There is generally a notion that leaders are born and not made. This notion has resulted in great opportunities lost, increments, promotions, admiration and eventually happiness for many of us.

Without effective leadership training, it would be extremely difficult and time challenging for anyone of us to develop as a leader. A good trainer can really add up in pure transisition from a common man to an effective leader. Global ACT is one of the most renowned and time tested corporate training company that cater to the leadership training needs of its client.

There are other number companies and trainers available across the globe the offer such program to the masses. But an exceptional leadership trainer is one who through his/her leadership training helps you to:

Identify your strengths and helps in capitalizing them;

Create a reliable and strong vision of the future

Communicate your vision throughout the length and breadth of the organizational hierarchy, and helps people collaborate to win.

Develop self-confidence and inspires others to boost their confidence

Thus, in order to grow and develop as a leader, leadership training is of utmost importance. Also who you choose to be your leadership trainer is also a deciding factor of developing yourself as a good leader. I would like to suggest you to attend as many leadership training program as you can in order to influence others and develop more leaders.

Importance of Selecting Qualified and Experienced Crane Operator

Cranes play a major role in almost any construction or mining project. Oftentimes, the on-time completion of a project depends heavily on the efficiency of the crane operator. This is one of the main reasons why selecting an experienced crane operator is of the utmost importance.

A crane operator has a lot of responsibilities on the project site, as well as outside the project site. He must ensure that the crane is performing properly, that it passed all the technical inspections and that it was regularly serviced. All these aspects are very important for the safety of everyone on the project site.

Nonetheless, the crane operator is also responsible for choosing the right type of crane for every project. He must know if your project requires a mobile crane or a tower one, as well as make sure that the chosen crane can lift all the weights on the site. An operator works with the client and advises him on HSEQ measures; he also has the authority to cease working if he does not consider that he may proceed safely.

Of course, all crane operators undergo heavy trainings and theoretically prepared for all kinds of situations that may appear during their job. However, it is common knowledge that their skills can only be improved by practical work, by being in the field and being confronted with situations that have yet to be described in books.

Besides the safety consideration, an experienced crane operator is definitely more efficient than a novice. When hiring such a worker, make sure that he has previously worked on similar projects and you will enjoy numerous benefits. The most important of these benefits is the timely completion of the project. An experienced worker will not only perform his job quickly and accurately, he will also be able to provide you with tips & tricks on how to increase the efficiency of the entire project. Having been in the field a lot, he was able to see how successful projects are completed and what the most frequent mistakes are. Thus, if you are working with an experienced crane operator, it is advisable to spend some time with him and pick his brain; ask him what he thinks you can improve and what steps should be taken in order to have a more efficient and safer project site.

Surely, one may argue that an experienced crane operator has a bigger fee than a beginner. However, think of all the risks that you are avoiding when working with experienced professionals. Moreover, you may be surprised to find out that an experienced worker can actually save you money. Correctly implemented HSEQ rules and regulations will never result in expensive lawsuits and an experienced crane operator can surely abide by these rules without compromising his efficiency. Last, but not least, in these sensitive fields, experience is the most valuable asset a worker can have; this is the key feature for completing the project on time and on budget.