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Tensegrity Training is an innovative training organisation committed to multidisciplinary teaching approaches, resulting in the exceptional communication of knowledge and skills. Our training staff set meticulous standards in the achievement of teaching excellence. And, our programs provide you with a sound, up-to-date knowledge base integrated with excellence in clinical practice. The guiding principles for Tensegrity Training’s teaching, learning and assessment include educationally and clinically rigorous learning processes. The demanding theoretical frameworks combined with the practical applications in clinical settings develops your capicity to continue to learn and adapt within your professional practice after completing your course.

Top 5 reasons Allied Health Practices should be paperless

Just five years ago, the idea of a paperless office seemed like a new phase that, while being an environmentally friendly concept, would just come and go as most new fads do. Fast forward to now and it’s clear a paperless office is a ‘fad’ that didn’t just pass, and with good reason!

Many Allied Health practices are taking the step into running their practice on a cloud-based practice management software, completely without the need for paper. While this may seem like a big step to take, and a daunting one at that, those who have taken the plunge rarely look back and wish for the old paper-based days.

For those who have yet to switch over and are particularly finding their paper-based system cluttered and costly, we’ve put together five of the biggest benefits in switching to a paperless practice to help with the decision.

Cost Savings

The act of switching to a paperless practice brings with it significant savings on costs as processes are more streamlined, and equipment and storage are not required in the same capacity as before.

The time spent by staff physically filing, retrieving, searching for, archiving, and replacing superseded forms is virtually non-existent in a paperless office. Electronic notes on patient files, simultaneously updated across practice account logins on a real-time basis, remove the need for the printing and reprinting of documents for files.

In turn, this not only saves costs on time locating files within filing cabinets and other storage spaces, but a paperless practice also negates the need to spend time and money sourcing secure storage spaces to keep files in. Cloud-based patient management software completely removes the need for servers and the costs associated with running the business off them as well. The return of investment in the low cost of running a cloud-based system is significantly larger, and almost immediately present, than in the costs involved in sourcing storage spaces and running a server.

This is all before mentioning the money to be saved on paper, toner, ink, and photocopier maintenance costs when it is less depended on within a paperless practice. When documents are stored electronically and accessed from one place, printing becomes less necessary for records and often even obsolete.

Documents are safer

Files are less likely to be lost or so easily damaged in a paperless office, than when storing physical files. Paper is naturally more easily damaged when at risk of events like fire, flood or misfiling, where through simple search functions, files stored on a cloud-based practice management software are more easily recovered than paper-based files. Such are the benefits of a system that is reliably backed up by the cloud.

Online practice management software and medical billing software has almost 100 per cent guarantee of security to files and a safe and reliable backup system. Login and password access for practitioners also ensures patient and practice data is much less vulnerable, while audit trails of who edits what in files also ensures staff accountability.

Improved customer service

Paperless practices enjoy the benefits of a quicker response to clients, with accurate information more readily available. In a paperless office, you can locate files you need quickly and easily without the need to put patients on hold when on the phone, or make them wait for unnecessary amounts of time while you search. Staff has immediate access to patient files on the cloud, allowing for efficient response and customer service.

Less email strain

When you use a web based practice management software to run your paperless practice, electronic files are accessible from various logins, rendering the practice of emailing multiple versions of files between staff obsolete. This also allows staff to more easily see important emails, and leave the file swapping via email behind.

High ROI

The return on investment of moving to a paperless practice is large and arguably more measurable. The improvement of workflow effectively redefines staff roles to be more productive instead of spending time focusing on filing functions that would be rendered unnecessary in the changeover. This measurable return on investment is directly evident in the increased output of work experience once a paperless practice is implemented.

These points should make the choice decidedly less daunting for practices considering a changeover to a paperless practice. If you’d like more information on changing to a cloud-based practice management software and get your practice paperless, contact Gensolve for a free demonstration for physiotherapy practice management software on 1800 436 765 (AU) or 0800 436 765 (NZ).

We offer the rental yields in Belize Real estate deals.

The team at Belize Property Center has helped thousands of clients in their search to make sound, long term investments that provide both security and the highest possible returns.

RE/MAX Property Center’s mission is to provide the most up to date information and investment advice in the world’s most favorable property markets. It believes in making unique level of research and diligence and find pride on the unparalleled levels of professionalism and ethical service Belize Property Center offers.

Belize Property Center has everything from city centers to luxury beach resorts. The investment properties we source offer some of the highest capital appreciation and rental yields. Even the period of economic uncertainty there are exciting investment opportunities in Belize, Central America amidst emerging, new and traditional property markets. The good news is that with diligent research there remain a number of places in which you can look forward to investing which offers more than favorable returns on your investment.

Belize Real Estate has the best of Belize Property deals and real estate holdings. Much current news refers to falling property prices around the world. Such commentary could lead you to believe that now is a bad time for property investment. However, the headlines ignore two points of fact.

The first is simply that not all economies are in negative growth and not all property markets are falling. Despite global trends, much of what dictates the performance of a specific property market is the local, intrinsic dynamics of supply and demand. As a result, there are a number of property markets around the world which still offer immediate growth opportunities, Belize, Central America being one of them.

The second is that turmoil in many markets is creating another exciting basis for investment value. As prices fall in places like the USA and Canada, rental incomes relative to purchase price are increasing. At the point that yields is sufficiently high we start to see value as the level of yield provides sufficient headroom for future price growth before yield drops to an unattractive level. Such value investments therefore offer good yields and long term growth prospects.

Log on to the Belize Property Center site today and give a deaf ear to all those hype guys by making the right choice and buy your Belize Property at the Belize Real Estate extensive property listings.

The RE/MAX Property Center is set over a network of 3 million agents spread across the globe. The site’s promotional tools are mainly directed towards the professional real estate agent- developer. Therefore, this brings the very best properties from around the world. The company associates only with licensed professionals and accredited companies to ensure that the public not only has a great choice of properly, but also the comfort in knowing that they are buying from a creditable source.


You can experience Belize real estate at its very best with RE/MAX Property Center our expert team of realtors in Belize knows there’s no place like home. One of our RE/MAX real estate agents in Belize will work with you to find investment opportunities that suit your lifestyle and portfolio. We have hundreds of real estate listings in Belize and offer condominiums, villas, beach houses, beachfront land, private islands, building lots, acreage and businesses for sale.

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Chiropractor Mosman

Mosman Family Chiropractic specialise in treating posture-related problems that result in back or neck pain, headaches, digestive problems or a lack of energy. Involved in the specific treatments is analysing posture digitally, with an emphasis on postural correction in the long-term. Consequently, this will give you a straighter, taller, and ultimately more youthful posture. X-rays are also sometimes used in our treatment, and, because nutrition and lifestyle can be contributory factors to postural problems, we will assess what impact these factors may have on your well being.


We are family-focussed, corrective chiropractic care specialists in the North Shore area. Via the most up-to-date techniques, including digital analysis and a variety of imaging technologies, we provide chiropractic care of the highest quality to adults, children and babies. For our patients we offer a caring and professional environment regarding symptom relief, corrective and wellness care.


Whether young or old, we treat a lot of families in the local area. Mosman Family Chiropractic also adopt a simple approach, with the intention being to empower people to be able to make better-educated decisions concerning their health, and we help with the implementation of this process. We don’t use drugs or surgery, but a wide range of gentle techniques, to help people feel full of energy and life again.


Free spinal health assessment that includes an examination and digital posture analysis are offered at Mosman Family Chiropractic. Contact Angus Heseltine at (02) 8203 8514 for your enquiries.

Music Teacher Pascoe Vale

The trick to enjoying and continuing in guitar lessons is to find a guitar teacher who teaches a method that has been researched and proven to help people learn to play guitar easily and enjoy it.


You can find such a guitar teacher in Pascoe Vale. G4 Guitar Pascoe Vale has been in the area for the last twelve months and is situated close to the Pascoe Vale Station and Pascoe Vale primary school. Primary students are great candidates for learning to lay guitar using the G4 Method. If you live in the areas of Pascoe Vale, Pascoe Vale South, or Oak Park, you will find the location easily accessible.


G4 Guitar Pascoe Vale specializes in a proven method of guitar learning known as the G4Method. This method is being taught worldwide including the U.S., Canada, U.K and many parts of Australia. Only qualified instructors who are thoroughly trained in the G4Method of guitar are permitted to teach so you can rest assured that you are getting top quality teaching and not just someone off of the street who knows how to play a guitar.


Guitar courses are offered year round. Whether you are a beginner or have children who wish to learn, the G4 Method is easy for everyone and you will be assisted every step of the way until you get to the destination of your goal of learning to play the guitar.


Contact Stuart Curran at (03) 8566 7907 for your enquiries.

Personal Trainer Kenmore

Fitness training at Personal Best is specially tailored to individual needs. There is no one programme that fits all. Workouts are designed based on individual fitness assessment reports. Medical problems, if any, are also taken into consideration. Assistance from the clients’ doctors or physiotherapists is sought, as and when required. Choosing to use a personal trainer to train individually or opting to train with a partner or in groups is left to the individual.

Services offered at Personal Best include personal fitness training, group fitness training, online fitness training, Toowang, Philates, boot camps and yoga. Personal trainer education and boxing courses are also offered. The idea behind these education programmes is to teach enthusiasts about the inner workings of the human body and about the body’s response to food and exercise. When people understand the what, why and how, their enthusiasm is amplified. This helps people get the most out their workouts and diets. A lot of health problems are the result of ignorance. Exercising right ensures fitness, and the unexpected side benefit is that it takes care of myriad ancillary health problems.


Contact David Blair at (07) 3040 3715 for enquiries.

Premium Bins

For high quality skip bins that don’t carry the high price tag go the Premium Bins. We have been serving Aussies Australia wide for over 10 years. We have the largest stock of Bins, Mini skip bins, used skip bins, extra large skip bins. Premium skip Bins has agents in every state, so we can provide mini skip bins perth as well as many other skip bins, just contact us today


Technetics – IT Support, Maintenance, Consulting Melbourne

Technetics has emerged as a unique IT company that has grown itself as a leader in IT solution market. We are in fact the market leaders in providing its clients intelligent IT solutions whether it is a company on small, medium, large or corporate scale. We effectively cover a wide range of industrial sectors through building a vast business portfolio for Remote & Onsite IT Support, monitoring, maintenance, consulting, strategic advices and consultation with which our clients are extremely fascinated. We do what we promise.

Austaralia’s Leading services providing company. We are providing the followings:

Onsite & Remote IT Support
Maintenance & Monitoring
Strategic Advice & Consulting
Fixed Cost IT Management
Backup & Disaster Recovery
TechLive Endpoint Security
SPAM Protection
Web Filtering
and lots more! Visit our website for more info: www.technetics.com.au

Two brilliant ways to infuse Big data Analytics in Brick & Mortar Retail

It is not breaking news that big data is revolutionizing retail in an unprecedented manner. With plummeting cost of data storage and processing power, big data has changed the way decisions are made and have proved to be as much as 6% more accurate and effective than conventional decision-making techniques and methodologies. It offers an ocean of opportunities to be explored and is capable of reinforcing each and every aspect of retail management with shocking insights. From amongst a plethora of possibilities, two infrequent avenues of leveraging big data in context of some specific sectors of retail are discussed in brief.

Retail chains engaged in sales of grocery and other perishable items are always concerned about shelf-lives of their inventory; despite having advanced refrigeration technologies, part of the problem related to supply chain, logistics and value chain of perishable goods are far from the point of alleviation. A big data mind-set can be an alternative and perhaps, a better approach. For example, a retailer plying his trade in eastern Arizona of U.S.A might be interested in knowing how much turkey he should order for Thanksgiving Ceremony, which is due in a month, so that he can reap maximum profit and cut down waste. The answer lies in the ability to correlate seemingly disparate variables like availability of turkey of required size, population of that locality, the influx of tourists and non-residential citizens, financial liquidity, spending power & country’s GDP, routes of trucks and commercial vessels to name a few. While some of the factors mentioned above are surely part of the retailer’s thought process, a lot many are not included, but are necessary to optimize the solution. Needless to say, only big data analytics can let the data, speak and reveal the truth by taking into account the bigger picture.

Another interesting application of big data analytics is in lifestyle & fashion stores. Most of such stores are equipped with customized retail software solutions, POS hardware and CCTV camera. The last equipment mentioned is usually deployed to detect & prevent shoplifting and monitor staff activity. But these video footages have great potential to emerge as a strategic advantage. Previously inconsequential factors like movement of traffic within the aisles of the store, duration of pause in front of a particular product shelf, whether it was admired and the customer picked it up or not (if not, then what is the reason – high price, wrong color, texture or size?), preferred timings of shopping, demographic distributions of customers and even companions – all of these can be quantified and analyzed. This leads to accurate decisions regarding offering discounts, positioning of product shelves &     variety of inventory, etc., which in turn will enhance sales figures.

As it appears to be, big data is playing the same role in streamlining retail business, as was played by retail software a few years back. While retail software is indispensable for today’s retail business, big data analytics is not far behind and is gathering steam at a much faster rate, thus complementing each other and adding more value.


Steve Jo is one of the most prolific writers of the genre “technology and business” and shares his expertise with Swadesh Softwares Pvt. Ltd by training and grooming young and aspiring authors. His authentic commentary on topics like big data, retail software, POS hardware etc. has been widely acclaimed by his readers.


The Creative Collective Melbourne

The Creative Collective are a professional team of online digital marketing experts based on the Sunshine Coast. We offer online marketing strategies and website development services. We are happy to offer an initial free 15 minute phone chat with an account manager or to arrange a paid consultation with one of our creative strategists either at your office or via skype or Google Hangout (which we regularly do with clients from all over Australia and the rest of the world) so we can get a good feel for what it is you do. Call us today.


Services Offered:

Digital Marketing Agency | Web Design, Social Media, SEO, PPC & More
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media Marketing
Website Designing
Pay Per Click

Yvette Melbourne