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When tax time comes around for your business, how do you handle it? Are you the type to meticulously note every single purchase in a spreadsheet or accounting software every day, week or month? Are you the type to group receipts by type and toss them in a shoe box eventually intended for your accountant once a year? How do you handle your invoicing and account collection needs every month?


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Jan Stephens

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Leigh Booker Plumbing – the Top Choice for a Complete Efficient Plumbing Service in Newcastle


Whether it’s a blocked drain in Dudley, a gas leak in Carrington, a renovation in Mayfield or repair to a hot water heater in Bar Beach, look no further than Leigh Booker Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs.

Leigh Booker Plumbing provides complete, professional plumbing services across a large area including Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, and all their surrounding suburbs.

With over 20 year’s experience in the business, Leigh Booker 24 hour emergency plumbing has the knowledge and experience to ensure the job is done properly and efficiently the first time round.

And unlike other plumbers in the area, Leigh Booker plumbing offers a handy 24 hour Emergency Service for customers who find themselves in urgent need of plumber, regardless of the time day or night!

As part of its all-encompassing plumbing service, Leigh Booker plumbing can assist with the following:

Emergency Plumbing Newcastle

Leigh Booker Plumbing is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide an emergency service for those jobs that just can’t wait. They are the local, reliable plumber for all your plumbing emergencies.

Maintenance Plumbing Newcastle

For leaking taps or showers, tap replacements or installation of a new vanity in the bathroom, Leigh Booker Plumbing can quickly and efficiently assist with a variety of everyday plumbing needs.


With a huge range of experience, Leigh Booker Plumbing can provide advice and help with renovations of bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Whether you are renovating or extending, they can offer you the benefit of their expertise at the right price.

Gas fitting

Leigh Booker Plumbing is a qualified gas fitter for all of Gas fitting Services in Newcastle and requirements including new hot water heaters, room heaters, cooking appliances and gas maintenance.

Hi-tech drain cleaning Newcastle

Leigh Booker Plumbing is fully equipped with the latest in drainage technology to quickly and easily solve all of your drainage problems including the latest “Sewer Jet” water blasting system to effectively clean out drains.

Other technology includes a CCTV Drain cleaning services camera, which when inserted into a drain can easily identify the cause of a blockage, which helps save you time and money and avoids potentially costly solutions.

As leaders in their field, Leigh Booker Plumbing also offers specialist “Speed Patch” technology which ensures hard to access drains can be repaired without the need for expensive and time consuming “dig-ups”.

Back-flow Prevention

Leigh Booker Plumbing is qualified to undertake your commercial annual testing and carry out repairs on your Back-Flow Prevention system.

So if you need a friendly plumber in Newcastle who is reliable, efficient and provides a quality service at a reasonable price, contact Leigh Booker Local Plumbing Services today on 0427 758 627 to discuss your plumbing requirements and receive a quote.

Bookkeeper Bellbird Park

When it comes to business management, no matter the size of the enterprise you’re operating, proper accounts policy is absolutely vital to efficient day-to-day running. That’s just a given, and it’s something that isn’t going to change any time soon. What makes the prospect even more daunting, however, is finding the right person for the job. It’s a lot of faith to put in to just one person, especially if you’re a fledgling operation with precious little margin for error.


Thankfully, though, we at JSM Bookkeeping Services understand this problem better than just about anyone, and that’s why we’re here to help you. We’re a focused and performance-oriented offsite bookkeeping firm with five years of industry experience, devoted wholeheartedly to helping small and medium sized enterprises manage their accounts in the proper fashion to ensure that things keep running smoothly.


We have a professional attitude that resonates throughout each and every member of our dedicated team, and you canrest assured that all of your accounts information and assets will be handled securely and responsibly – that is something in which we take a considerable amount of pride.


Our focus on smaller-scale businesses means that we are able to offer a personalised and varied service that is individually tailored for each and every client. Whether your needs lie in payroll, taxation, or just general unspecified bookkeeping, we’ve got you covered. With a willingness to offer such a friendly and personal service to clients in the Queensland area reaching from Brisbane all the way out to Ipswich, we will strive each and every day to deliver whatever you need from us, and that’s a guarantee.


Located near to Redbank Plains shopping centre, our office couldn’t be easier to find – so why not pop in and see if we can’t help you out? Even if one of the many services we provide doesn’t jump out at you, you’d be surprised at how flexible we can be. No matter the bookkeeping job, we won’t rest until we’ve given it all of the professional attention it deserves. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to drop by the office.


If you can’t make it into town to see us in person, though, don’t fret – all of the information is readily available on our website, over at You’ll also find our relevant contact information, as well as a live text support system. It really could not be simpler.


So what are you waiting for? If you need a modern accounts firm who you know you can trust to keep your business’s finances in check, JSM Bookkeeping Services should be your first and last port of call. You know it makes sense.


For enquiries, contact Julie Foster at (07) 3040 3727 or visit us at 6 Keidges Rd, Bellbird Park, QLD, 4300.

Bookkeeper Altona

Your Virtual Books

PO Box 547, Altona, 3018

Wendy Wright

(03) 8609 4203

With today’s technology there is no need to scan or post your documents. With the right setup, your books can be serviced by one of our experienced bookkeepers remotely without the hassle of documents that won’t scan and your documents getting lost in transit. This is a true paperless bookkeeping agency all your paperwork stays with you.


  1. Online accounting package of the clients choice that both the client and bookkeeper can access.
  2. Bank & Credit Card statements feed straight into the accounting package
  3. Setup of email address for creditors to email invoices directly, bookkeeper and client can access.
  4. Quarterly BAS Lodgement and Monthly Payg (IAS) Lodgement, online through BAS Agent Portal
  5. Online Accounting packages used and recommended by Your Virtual Books: MYOB, XERO and Quickbooks.

Pricing and charges:

Virtual bookkeeping can offer this service at such a competitive price as there are no overheads

Your Virtual Books charges a monthly retainer starting from $120.00 per month inclusive of BAS & IAS Lodgement.

3 reasons why you should call us today:

  1. Your business operates from a home office and you don’t want someone coming into your home on a regular basis
  2. Your business operates from a shared office space and there is no room for another desk
  3. Your business is mobile and is operated mainly from a motor vehicle.



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The Creative Collective Brisbane

The Creative Collective are a professional team of online digital marketing experts based on the Sunshine Coast. We offer online marketing strategies and website development services. We are happy to offer an initial free 15 minute phone chat with an account manager or to arrange a paid consultation with one of our creative strategists either at your office or via skype or Google Hangout (which we regularly do with clients from all over Australia and the rest of the world) so we can get a good feel for what it is you do. Call us today.
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Lisa Baade


Beserk is an Alternative Online store bringing you the best labels from around the world at great prices! We have a 100% return or exchange guarantee on all items & have been operating since 2001 so you can be rest assured that we are a trusted & reliable store! Bringing you the best Alternative Labels from around the world at affordable prices!

Ways to Choose Mobile Car Key Cutting Service

Car keys very valuable and it can mount up enormous problem if lost. Mobile car key service providers are the ones who help people with repairing and replacing their old car keys with the new ones. Mobile car key service providers offer their best help to people in this urgent situation. The inability of using the vehicle due to the loss of the car keys can be harassing very bad experience for the car owners. Hence, the auto locksmiths serve to provide the requirements of people. As there are various kinds of locksmiths offering their services, clients should make right selections because it involves their valuable asset.

With the improvement of technology the car keys are adorned with modern electronic transponder chip that are conducive to receive signals across a long range.  It prevents you car from getting robbed because all the car keys are equipped with the modern technology. The chip inserted in the car key enables to detect unauthorized usage. The keys become dysfunctional and useless in case of the internal damage. Auto locksmiths are efficient to fix up issues like these in the keys. However, people should make careful selection for availing the service of the car cutting service providers. The service provider should be delivering the service at the clients place and should be ready to provide his service 24/7. They reach out to great number of people so that any person in search for car key repairing can avail their services.

mobile car key cutting service

The mobile car key cutting service providers should fulfill certain requirements to choose them. The clients who are confused and indecisive about how to choose the right ones should consider certain facts before opting for their service. As there is abundance of car key service providers, the clients can easily choose the most efficient service providers if they consider certain facts.

Facts to be remembered before choosing the right mobile car key cutting service providers

  • Reputation

Clients should choose the mobile key services according to the reputation of the service providers. The reputed service providers will serve with ease, and clients need not be doubtful about their service. Clients can choose the service providers on the recommendation of their acquaintances who have been earlier benefitted from the service providers, or they can also access the internet service to know about the service providers. The customer reviews will be a great way to understand their reputation.

  • Experience

The service providers should be experienced enough to detect and determine the problem of the car keys. Their experience will guide them in a correct manner whether to repair or to replace the equipment whenever required. It has been observed that the experienced car key service providers satisfy their clients more than the new ones.

  • Affordability

Clients are always in search for the services which are affordable and cost effective. They should go through the names and about the reputation of the service providers online or offline, any way they find comfortable to find out about their service charges. After coming across various service providers they can choose the appropriate ones in accordance with their budget.

  • Efficiency

Efficient professional experts are able to perform quickly and nicely. They can repair the damaged keys in much less time, so it should be kept in mind that people should choose the efficient professionals to get the best results. They are also equipped with modern devices to fix the car key issues.

The concept of mobile car key cutting service is unique and rightly been implemented for the convenience of people. Before paying a great amount of money, the above mentioned steps should be followed by the clients to derive quick and effective solutions. Click here for more information.

101 Hair and Skin Care Pty Ltd

101 Hair & Skin Care Pty Ltd is well known hair care company in the world with over 35 years of success. Established in April 1997 as the exclusive sales agent of 101 Hair & Skin Care Products in Australia. The company operates from its home in Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne where you can buy best hair regrowth products online and also consult with a qualified doctor of Chinese Medicine.


If you are looking for natural hair products and natural hair loss treatment, 101 Hair & Skin Care is the name you can trust on. We are natural hair loss experts in Chadstone, Melbourne provide you best hair treatment through herbal follicular activation and will help you in your natural hair regrowth treatment. We are specialised in natural hair treatments to cure female pattern baldness, male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With our 99% success rate and 13 international awards for our natural herbal products and over 30 million satisfied hair regrowth products users worldwide you can be confident that you are using the most safe and reliable hair loss treatment. Regrow your hair naturally with our 101 hair program.

Visit us today to know about how to regrow hair naturally and buy hair loss products online to stop hair loss.



  1. 101 Hair Formula Tablets
  2. 101 Hair and Scalp Tonic
  3. 101 Hair and Scalp Tonic – Special
  4. 101 Shampoo
  5. 101 Tonic Applicator
  6. 101 Small and long Peach Wood Comb

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    How To Regrow Your Hair – A Case Study – Ms MB  :