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Tony’s Termite and Pest Control provides safe and reliable services for homes across SEQ. Let our friendly technicians take care of your general pest problems.

With over 15 years of experience we offer guaranteed peace of mind across our complete range of services. We ensure the highest level of safety is maintained at all times as we often work in child and pet-friendly environments. Our team is fully certified, insured and equipped with company uniforms and clearly labeled vehicles. If you are unsatisfied at any stage we are only a phone call away.

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Office Cleaner Pakenham

As commercial cleaning contractors, we take pride in developing and maintaining lasting relationships with business partners. Our staff brings a wealth of proven experience and management in providing quality cleaning services. We distinguish ourselves with an exceptional combination of expertise in the cleaning industry, gained through many years of experience from a stakeholder perspective in commercial facility cleaning and maintenance services provided for shopping centres, retail outlets, and all commercial premises in Metropolitan Melbourne suburbs ranging from the Melbourne CBD to Pakenham. Our cleaning ability has created a winning combination of outstanding and completely guaranteed facility maintenance services

Sparko creates lasting relationships with our customers. Our cleaning strategies are designed and managed to shift the cleaning burden from you to us. A common theme for these relationships is the use of effective management strategies and best commercial business practices geared to deliver discernible benefits. Our state-of-the art, techniques, and processes provide our clients with the results they expect.

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Your Special Day at its Stylish Best with Wedding Car Hire Services

Looking and feeling your very best is the part and parcel of any wedding. So your special day is knocking on the door and you want to take that special effort to look the part and want be the head turner for the day. Draped beautifully in white or a classy tuxedo, you are bound to look your perfect best, however do you want that something extra in your wedding repertoire? How does the idea of arriving in absolute luxury sound to you? With wedding limousine rentals you can arrive like a true prince and depart in absolute style with your lady in white. It hikes up the stylish quotient of any wedding, and since your wedding is a day you are going to cherish forever, limousines are a fabulous mode of transport both for the bride and the groom. For more essentials on how to make your wedding day smoother with limousine car rental services, you can read on further.

Stretch Lincoln_Limousine, image credit by Matthew Joseph

So, you are planning to have a beautiful summer wedding in Australia, in Sydney. Well, you are in absolute luck, since the city hosts reliable and efficient service providers dealing in wedding limousine hire Sydney. Now theta you have made up your mind to step out in absolute style, its time in got in touch with a good dealer inwedding car hire Sydney.Nonetheless, there are few pointers to keep in mind before you go ahead and make your final pick.

5 tips to keep in mind while choosing wedding car hire Sydney:

  1. Reputation: Try to choose a company that has god reputation among its customers as a good service provider. Now how do you ascertain whether a company has a good reputation or not. Well, it’s as simple as going through the testimonials which the customers have jotted down about the company and its services. Also look into his history as a wedding limousines Sydneyservice provider.
  2. Maintenance of vehicles: Pick a limo service provider who offers well maintained vehicles for your special day. Make sure that the limo dealer provides a fleet of vehicles in excellent condition if you actually want to stay in style. The last thing you want to do is be last for your own wedding for a limo breakdown or arrive in a drabby looking limo. Also the interiors of the vehicle must be in excellent condition so that you can experience the best of luxury.
  3. Estimation of fee: Before you make your pick, take quotes from at least 2-3 wedding limousine hire Sydneycompanies to get a clear idea about the cost involved. Usually the take quote section will require you to provide details of the event such as duration, pick up spot, drop off spot etc. Accordingly compare the costs before your make your pick. Prices and benefits vary from company to company, so make it a point that you compare costs before you actually pick the service.
  4. Add-ons: Wedding car hire Sydney services comes with multiple add-ons in the package, such as a chauffeur, fuel cost, and complimentary drinks. Ascertain way in advance before finalizing your service provider.
  5. Availability: Last but not the least, availability is a major factor while choosing a limo service since during wedding seasons, most service provider might be busy. Thus book in advance while you still have time. Don’t leave things for the eleventh hour if you don’t want a chaos in the very last minute.

Make your wedding day to remember. Everybody expects a beautiful bride in white, a groom in a tuxedo and a classy wedding affair. But arriving in a limo gives that special add-on to your D day which will make it a lot more special for both of you.

Beauty Coupled with Protection: Glass Balcony Railings

Want to give your balcony décor that something extra that will not only cater to the aesthetics of it, but also will be high on the protection quotient? Well, transparency and reflections are two main factors because of which individuals opt for glass accessories for their balcony and glass balcony railings are a class apart. Not only it adds the desired finesse to your balcony but also enhances the look of the rest of the area as well. So you do want to add the extra bit of sparkle to your balcony, but wondering how glass railings will be part of your decorative scheme. Well, glass is such an element which not only suits most decors, but also enhances it. Coming to the protective factor, your balcony is an open space in your home and should be done up in such a way that ensures maximum protection. Read on for further details on the glass balcony rails and the associated advantages of them.

Sea Glass Railings – Rails by Design, image credit by Maurice Beane

Advantages of using glass railing:

Now, as far as balcony railings are concerned there are quite a lot of different options such as metal, wood etc. Wondering why should you still stick to a glass balcony railing? Well, find below the advantages of the same:

  1. First thing first, glass as a choice for railing helps to reflect light and brightens up your balcony. It enhances the decorative aspect of any balcony.
  2. Maintenance of railings can sure be quite tedious since dust particles get accumulated in corners. Nonetheless, with a glass balcony railing, you can steer clear of any such problems, since maintenance is quite basic and they stay beautiful for longer. To only maintenance it might need if you end up cracking it, which well happens once in a blue moon.
  3. As far as fading is concerned, there is no such problem associated with a glass balcony railing. Unlike wood and metal, they don’t fade in appearance. To keep them perfectly shiny, all you require to do is wipe them using a glass cleaner since they are much resistant to any mold and mildew.
  4. In case you have a space crunch in your balcony, glass railings can give the appearance of a larger space since they are transparent and reflect light.
  5. Glass railings add a lot of character to your balcony décor.

Where to buy glass balcony railings from?

If you are looking for glass railing that are high on quality and on design as well, the best place is to purchase them online. Quite a number dealers in railing for different part of your home such as balcony, pool etc are available online, who specialize in different interior designing installations. You can get good discounts of these railings and they get delivered right at your door step. All you require to do is search for such interior decoration experts who deal in railings near your location and you are good to go. You can search for the products the feature and the available discounts. Also go through product reviews by customers to get a better idea of the dealer.

280 m2 Living Area with a winter garden – Haus Tugendhat, image credit by iBSSR

Types of glass railings:

Glass balcony railings usually are of two different types, first the regular variant and then the topless variant. Both have significantly different looks, can look equally good. The topless ones juts feature panes of glass, while the regular variant has an aluminum rail in a horizontal way.

No matter what you pick, glass railings are a fantastic choice for your balcony. It will give it a spacious appeal, add that fancy touch to it and glam it up almost instantly. So undertake a good research online and pick a great product for your balcony to transform its look.

How Leadership Training Enhances Your Professional Effectiveness

Do you know who is a leader? What makes a leader different from a manager and why leadership training is important in today’s world of tough times?

Read the article given below to unlock the solution to the above questions.

A leader is a person who has a clear defined vision. He is a person who can foresee things into its final shape and fixes all problems and bottleneck that arrives in his/her path of goal fulfillment/accomplishment.

On the other hand a manager is one who just manages things. Managers work with subordinates whereas leaders work with followers. Managers give answers whereas leaders ask questions. Managers may or may not praise their subordinate where as leaders acknowledge his./her followers even for the smallest thing.

Thus, from our above discussion it is clearly evident that who is a leader and what characteristics distinguishes a leader from a manager.

Today, in this rapidly changing business environment faced with tough competition there is an urgent call for more number of leaders as compared to managers. This call of an hour makes it significantly imperative for all the corporate, small and big business houses, SMEs and public/private counterparts to conduct these program for their employees in order to help the individuals and organization grow as a leader.

There are number of leadership trainers who conduct effective leadership training programs for the success of both the employee and the employer.

These training programs help organizations to:

Create an understanding of attributes, skills and knowledge that are essential for a successful leader

Know the significance of working in teams by practicing interpersonal communication and team building skills

Creatively find ways and means to address a problem or an issue that involves logical thinking through brain storming.

Develop SMART (SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC, TIMED) goals to have a clear focus on the end result

There is generally a notion that leaders are born and not made. This notion has resulted in great opportunities lost, increments, promotions, admiration and eventually happiness for many of us.

Without effective leadership training, it would be extremely difficult and time challenging for anyone of us to develop as a leader. A good trainer can really add up in pure transisition from a common man to an effective leader. Global ACT is one of the most renowned and time tested corporate training company that cater to the leadership training needs of its client.

There are other number companies and trainers available across the globe the offer such program to the masses. But an exceptional leadership trainer is one who through his/her leadership training helps you to:

Identify your strengths and helps in capitalizing them;

Create a reliable and strong vision of the future

Communicate your vision throughout the length and breadth of the organizational hierarchy, and helps people collaborate to win.

Develop self-confidence and inspires others to boost their confidence

Thus, in order to grow and develop as a leader, leadership training is of utmost importance. Also who you choose to be your leadership trainer is also a deciding factor of developing yourself as a good leader. I would like to suggest you to attend as many leadership training program as you can in order to influence others and develop more leaders.

Importance of Selecting Qualified and Experienced Crane Operator

Cranes play a major role in almost any construction or mining project. Oftentimes, the on-time completion of a project depends heavily on the efficiency of the crane operator. This is one of the main reasons why selecting an experienced crane operator is of the utmost importance.

A crane operator has a lot of responsibilities on the project site, as well as outside the project site. He must ensure that the crane is performing properly, that it passed all the technical inspections and that it was regularly serviced. All these aspects are very important for the safety of everyone on the project site.

Nonetheless, the crane operator is also responsible for choosing the right type of crane for every project. He must know if your project requires a mobile crane or a tower one, as well as make sure that the chosen crane can lift all the weights on the site. An operator works with the client and advises him on HSEQ measures; he also has the authority to cease working if he does not consider that he may proceed safely.

Of course, all crane operators undergo heavy trainings and theoretically prepared for all kinds of situations that may appear during their job. However, it is common knowledge that their skills can only be improved by practical work, by being in the field and being confronted with situations that have yet to be described in books.

Besides the safety consideration, an experienced crane operator is definitely more efficient than a novice. When hiring such a worker, make sure that he has previously worked on similar projects and you will enjoy numerous benefits. The most important of these benefits is the timely completion of the project. An experienced worker will not only perform his job quickly and accurately, he will also be able to provide you with tips & tricks on how to increase the efficiency of the entire project. Having been in the field a lot, he was able to see how successful projects are completed and what the most frequent mistakes are. Thus, if you are working with an experienced crane operator, it is advisable to spend some time with him and pick his brain; ask him what he thinks you can improve and what steps should be taken in order to have a more efficient and safer project site.

Surely, one may argue that an experienced crane operator has a bigger fee than a beginner. However, think of all the risks that you are avoiding when working with experienced professionals. Moreover, you may be surprised to find out that an experienced worker can actually save you money. Correctly implemented HSEQ rules and regulations will never result in expensive lawsuits and an experienced crane operator can surely abide by these rules without compromising his efficiency. Last, but not least, in these sensitive fields, experience is the most valuable asset a worker can have; this is the key feature for completing the project on time and on budget.

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B Free Intimate Apparel is an Australian trade name that intends top quality seamless lingerie that is matchless in its basic classiness, long-lasting superiority, and outstanding level of comfort. It’s the extreme version of the basic intimates that every woman owns.


We focus solely on business communications. For nearly 30 years, we have been providing communications and technology solutions to meet the needs of Australian businesses. We connect all forms of communications – office phone, mobile, broadband and data technologies. To learn more about Commander, please visit

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Scrap car owners getting cash from Car Removal Services

‘Luxury’ and ‘utilization’ are two variants which complement each other in situations when the latter is surpassed by the former’s craze and passion predominantly evident in human attitude. Human beings are too susceptible to change and modification subjected to better options and choice. This behavior is more frequent for assets that are prone to depreciation in market value after a substantial use. There may be instances when you find your car garage being stacked with your old and unwanted four-wheeler affected to ageing or may have faced accidents; that needs to be evacuated due to its malfunctions and you intend to purchase a new car or else you already have another one in working condition. This dire situation is supported by the advent of scrap car removal services willingly accepting your old car for disposal.

Car removal services industry is getting a vibrant response with the progress in technology and online marketing. You might be worried about your defective car collecting rust at your backyard with no benefits to you; in that case you may agree to donate your scrap car to a vendor with no or minimum returns, depending on the vendor’s policies. But the best way to capitalize from your abandoned car is to avail a car removal service to tow your car away from your vicinity giving reasonable returns in exchange. In that case you first need to collect information on the best scrap car vendor from your locality or else can refer to websites providing similar alternatives.

Auto removal companies provide cash for cars removal while disposing your junk car from your custody. The selection of such auto wreckers needs to qualify certain factors affecting your convenience and a nominal profit. For that first you need to know how much cash for scrap car is offered to you in return. Though this amount percentage is decided as per the condition of your car simultaneously governed by the policies of the auto wreckers, still you need to negotiate with them to get the best resale value of your to be sold scrap car. Secondly you should clarify the charges applied in towing your old car; yet most of the removal services claim to provide a free of cost towing from wherever your car is being parked. Further you need to know how much time the removal service will take in taking away your car from your possession since your booking is registered. With affirmative results of these factors pertaining to your benefits, you can appoint the services to the vendor best in your choice.

Certain legal obligations are also necessary in providing these services as transfer of ownership rights, documentation regarding registration, number plates and licenses are needed to be reassigned in due process in order to sustain a car removal company’s reputation and avoid judicial claws of lawsuits and enforcement agencies. This circumstance can be eradicated by maintaining a proper and updated log book which should be unambiguous and structured in required formats. Moreover recycling metal scraps of disintegrated vehicles also helps in maintaining societal harmony as unaccounted metal can be vulnerable to the society creating opportunities for certain miscreants to misuse those and endanger mankind.

Author’s Bio –

Steve Jo is the writer and editor of with an increasing demand in modernized vehicles and cars, car removal services paying cash for scrap cars are in high demand by many old car owners. Leon Grant is indulged in a comprehensive and detailed survey involving cash for cars and authenticity of car removal services.