BENZ Inc. Introduces New Products At The 2014 IWF Tradeshow

(1888 PressRelease) Benz Inc. announces their new HF103 Solidfix® Spindle Motor, which enables users to change tools quickly using adapters that hold a variety of tools rather than using an expensive automatic tool changer or a labor-intensive manual tool. BENZ will have the HF103 Solidfix Spindle Motor on display at this years IWF tradeshow.

German tooling systems expert BENZ Inc. has announced that it will be introducing new aggregate heads including the BENZ HF103 Solidfix® Spindle Motor at this year’s International Woodworking Fair (IWF), which is being held August 20 -23, 2014, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. The new HF103 Solidfix® Spindle Motor is sold exclusively by BENZ and enables users to change tools quickly using adapters that hold a variety of tools instead of requiring a labor-intensive manual tool change or adding an expensive automatic tool changer. BENZ will have the HF103 Solidfix® Spindle Motor on display at booth #7544 during the IWF show.

The HF103 Solidfix® Spindle Motor is the latest innovation from BENZ, which has been the manufacturer of the most widely used drill blocks and aggregates worldwide for more than 40 years. “The BENZ HF103 Solidfix® Spindle Motor offers an affordable alternative to an automatic tool changer,” explained Bob Barone, Sales Manager of BENZ Inc.’s Wood Division. “The operator simply programs a “pause” in the machine routine when it is time for a tool change. The machine software can then tell him what tool to insert in the spindle and he is ready to run again.”

The patented BENZ Solidfix® modular quick-change system lets the user preset tools for precise, repeatable cuts and change tools in 10 – 20 seconds. It requires no special tools, can be operated with one hand, incorporates both a 180-degree clamp lock and ejection features, and contains no screws to lose.

Instead of traveling to a tool changer rack, the spindle can be programmed to move to a home position where the operator can quickly change tools and resume the routine. It helps reduce set-up time by 90% and enables users to produce additional parts every day. Its rigid, compact, balanced design also provides large multi-surface contact with high-torque and high-speed performance.

The HF103 is more flexible than a collet shaft without the added costs and implementation of an automatic tool changer. Compared to the typical drawbar spindle motor, the HF103′s brushless motor is practically maintenance-free and includes one ER-32 Solidfix® adapter.

BENZ Inc., a member of the Zimmer Group, is the technological leader for the production of innovative machining heads for the wood, plastics, composites and metalworking industries. The company manufactures tooling systems in Germany and offers sales and support for the United States and Canada through its subsidiary, BENZ Inc., from its Charlotte, NC headquarters.

For more information about the BENZ HF103 Solidfix® Spindle Motor, visit or call 704-529-5300.

West Africa Single Currency: The Lesson To Learn From European Single Currency By Dr. Mehenou Amouzou

1888 Press Release – Before talking about a single currency or economic association between the states members, we need to examine the current political structure that allows a single faction to confiscate power for twenty years or more.

Western Africa states which are represented by Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a commission comprised of countries of 15 States with an equivalent of 300 million people. These numbers account for 4.5% of the world’s population and just 0.5% of the world Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With an anticipated annual economic growth averaging approximately 5%, ECOWAS is now exploring the opportunity to create a single currency for ECOWAS member’s states mirroring the Euro for European countries.

Before talking about a single currency or economic association between the states members, we need to examine the current political structure that allows a single faction to confiscate power for twenty years or more. The political instability of these member states have depleted human rights and instituted a totalitarian regime. This regime is largely based and support by the now prominent election policies. I say now prominent but it has been a long standing practice for one party to the election to exercise unpropitious acts like intimidation, threats and even death to win a given election. Can these countries ever abide by legitimate election worthy to be adulated by the international community?

Do these countries receive sanctioned economic aid from the world community that is visible in the states operating budget? The question is asked because we ponder the division of the country’s leaders agenda is it personal or geared to support the general populous? The thoughts and questions we ask are deafening to a community. To think these occurrences are widespread and normal serve to steal ones spirit. People of these countries are defeated and are subjugated to indentured servitude. Vote confiscation creates political instability and its success is currently responsible for a two to three percent misappropriation of the country’s resources. This 2 to 3% is further evident pertained to wealth and poverty; the disparity between the haves and the have-nots. These countries often live with 97% poverty with no access to health care or hospitals, vibrant schools systems or school at all, clean water and other basic necessities afforded to inhabitants of developed countries.

One ECOWAS member country received financial assistance from a developed country to improve the country’s health care system. The improvement was intended to benefit the country’s own people. Much to the chagrin of the developed country a few days after receiving the funds, the member country invested 1/3 of the financial assistance with another western with inferior stability to the originating country; which happens to be a Western African country.

The second point focuses on Nigeria and the management of the country’s resources. Nigeria, one of the richest countries in Africa with an abundance of natural resources once exported food to neighboring African countries, Asia and the Occident. The export of natural resources which is very important in Nigeria with agriculture accounting for 90% allowed the country’s nationals to eat at least three meals daily. In 1974, Nigerian currency; the Naira was a stronger currency than the United States’ dollar.

Oil was discovered in 1956, by 1974 oil revenues constituted over 80 percent of total government revenues and over 90 percent of export earnings, the country’s leaders were ecstatic. As the country entered the realm of an international juggernaut commodity it began to move budgets and other resources away from Agriculture and infrastructural stability’s to the unknown of oil exports. Eventually, Nigeria began to import food and other necessities by leveraging oil and future oil revenues which served the purpose of budget balancing versus budget surplus.

The oil revenues were not well distributed which has led to real socio economic problems. Oil and chemical processing locations positioned next to the villages, cities, schools, hospitals and farmer lands badly affect social conditions causing deterioration everywhere. Further, this situation has created upheaval within the country, particularly among women, seniors, children and others who die almost every day with no recourse due to these socio economic problems and the terrorist organization Boko Haram.

It seems that the North of Nigeria is going to become a cessation country. The faction causing destruction arguably has the support of outside interests who may provide military arms and funds to continue its stronghold. If we follow the change of custody of even the arms procurement we may trace impropriety to the customers and even the manufacturers; then we have a solid footing to bellow this societal destruction to the world and various global oversight groups.

These few things mentioned above demonstrate how West Africa needs to commit to improve and consolidate political powers among the member states. Once this occurs, further commit to developing an eco-industrial plan to make the region grow from 0.5% of the world GDP to 10% which based on our research is possible.


It is very difficult to explore or to anticipate West African single currency without examining, reviewing or comparing the potential currency with the European single currency.

One of the primary political goals for insisted European integration was, and may still be, to increase Europe’s role in world affairs. This may have occurred because of the United States forcing France and the United Kingdom to withdraw their forces from the Suez Canal in 1956. The former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer told a French politician that individual European states would never be leading global powers, but “there remains to them only one way of playing a decisive role in the world; that is to unite to make Europe. . . . Europe will be your revenge.” One year later, the Treaty of Rome launched the Common Market. European integration started to coordinate, to defend and protect their political affairs and interests as a group better than just one single country dealing in the world affairs. European integration was conceived to counterbalance, the USA super hegemony power and domination in the world affairs. However, European cohorts believed this power was only due to Europe’s position after its traumatizing experience in World War II left it fragile and weak.

Although the Common Market was set up in 1967 to form the European Communities, thereafter, in 1992, the Maastricht Treaty gave birth to the European Union (EU). The EU covers large areas of free trade, labor mobility and scheduled for adoption of the single currency and an integrated European market for goods and services. The European Commission says this mechanism’s main purpose is a step toward greater political unity. It also makes a plausible argument that a free trade area can be successful only if its member countries have a concerted interest; a single currency. Certainly there is nothing in economic logic or experience, which shows that free trade, requests the single currency.

The sentence ‘single European currency’ simply means a European, shared economy in which most of its member states share the same currency in order to expedite integration within Europe. I beg the question that the term ‘single currency’ is coined by some European entity that may have trademark rights; funny but cautiously true. Although this is an idea quite simple to understand, its actual effects are more complicated and difficult to analyze.

The idea of single European currency was introduced in 1999, but Winston Churchill had previously broached and discussed the idea of a ‘sharing economy’ in the early 20th Century. His idea was promulgated on the grounds of a possible unification of Britain and France. Churchill’s view was that Franco-British Union should “provide for joint organs of defense, foreign, financial and economic policies” (Shlaim 1974, p. 27). The reason this theory of fallacy as many coined did not adhere is because he (Churchill) based his infatuation some believe largely on its inability to safe fail England’s possible invasion from Hitler’s Germany.

The single European currency has economic and social-political impact on the European Union. From an economical perspective the currency demonstrates impact on economies of scale (production prices), trade and integration. The member states are basically a consortium which from a socio-political aspect boasts its political influence on the EU. It was argued it could also be a problem threatening the European Economy when individual economic problems arise in different countries.

The political difficulties that came as a consequence of this incident are mostly concerned with the changes in policies and appropriate reforms implemented to help the European Union gain enough power to come out from the crisis. According to a report produced on March 15, 2011 by the Council of the European Union a reform in the ‘Stability and Growth Pact’ has been implemented with aims at ‘strengthening economic governance in the EU’ (p. 1). More specifically, a change in the ‘Stability and Growth Pact’ denotes changes in the national government spending and taxation to influence the economy (ibid.). However, this procedure may prove to be time and cost consuming, affecting the position of the EU and causing it to operate at a slower rate and sometimes unstably and unproductively.

As of today the single currency experience could be interpreted as failed policy for the European Economy due to a mixed evaluation regarding the impact of imposing a single currency on a heterogeneous group of countries, other spillover consequences, the sovereign debt crisis’s, the large trade deficit and the overall the fragile state of European banking conditions across the Euro zone. European leaders had too much confidence and false hope guided by personal motives when setting up the European Central Bank. Giving the Central Bank power to intervene on the diverse group of countries fixing and solving problems that were unique to the individual country and not the member countries as a whole. It was a mistake to overlook and underestimate these consequences. The responsibility for controlling and implementing a single monetary policy to guide each individual country was decided by certain European political leaders. The decision to make the shift to a single Central bank in Germany was also coupled with a shift of political power to these decision makers who again were (are) guided by mercenary motives.

Germany and France played very crucial role in the function of this new Central Bank by dictating painful austerity measures to Greece and Italy. Germany and France clashed on how the financial assistance would be shared. Germany has created a stability agreement by establishing financial penalties for any of its members that has a budget deficit more than 3% of GDP or a debt that is over 60% of its GDP, but when France and Germany violated this agreement there was no sanction and the agreement was meaningless; thus the shift of control previously mentioned.

A single country with its own monetary policy can respond to economic conditions like a decline in consumer and spending demand by lowering interest rates to stimulate the economy (United States) but the European Central Bank must institute a monetary policy based on the prevailing conditions of the entire heterogeneous group of countries. Almost all the time, economic conditions of different countries are counter to each other. Which country’s conditions are more important than the others? Is there a cost benefit analysis to deciphering which country’s conditions outweigh the conditions of the others? This brings to question how to manage interest rates that are very high in countries with high unemployment versus countries where interest rates are too low because of growing wages and constantly adjust in large countries like Germany. Who takes precedence? Preceding the European Union, most of the times large fiscal deficits meant higher interest rates or declining exchange rates. These economic drivers acted as immediate signals to reduce borrowing. However, the single currency monetary union eliminated this market signal.

From 2009 to now we have seen several French, Germans and other governments intervene by creating regulations, conditions and diverse agencies to stimulate the economy. The prevailing problems persist and are difficult to overcome because new, unforeseeable conditions were not expected and therefore not correctly managed. For instance, France called for the European Central Bank to buy bonds; bonds from Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland and other countries with high debt to keep the interest rates low. One country guided by mercenary motives working to control the interest of other countries no matter how detrimental the outcome. This effect has plagued the EU since its inception.

Where does the money used to buy these short-term bonds in the secondary market come from? What is going to be the cost or long-term expense for the European Central Bank and host countries? How long will the European Central Bank hold these bonds? What is the exit strategy? These questions were never contemplated or even if contemplated the proposed outcome was not enough to stop Greek and Italian rates to reach unsustainable levels.

The Chancellor in Germany Mme Merkel wants to use the current crisis to develop a top down set of regulations to guide the political union; effectively a “fiscal union” oversight with budget surpluses that would have the power to transfer funds each year to the country running budget deficits. In counterpart of these transfers, the European Commission would have the authority to examine national budgets and force countries to follow policies that would lower their fiscal deficits and increase competitiveness and growth.

Germany had a trade surplus, this past year close to $200 Billion USD. Conversely, other members of the European community had trade deficits of 200 Billion USD. How did Germany succeed where most other member states failed? Does Germany have the burden of carrying the other member states? This will invariably lead to the demise whether slow or sudden of the German economic system. How is the rest of the world to view Germany’s demise? It wasn’t their fault; they (Germany) had to manage its little brothers and sisters? United States, Canada and Mexico are all member of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association), they don’t have a single currency but their economic association to NAFTA is proven to work better than the European Single Currency.

The European Central Bank (ECB) Tough anti-inflation policy has raised interest rates to drop in countries such as Italy and Spain, where expectations of high inflation have kept interest rates high. Households and Governments of these countries have responded to low interest rates, increasing their borrowing to households, raised debt to finance a surge in housing construction and housing prices and Governments use it to finance major social programs.

The result was a rapidly growing proportion of public and private debt to GDP in a number of countries, including Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain. Despite the increasing risk to lenders that it implies, global capital markets have not responded by raising the interest rates on those with increasing levels of debt. Buyers of bonds issued by a Government in the European Monetary Union was equally good as bonds issued by any other Government in the Union, forgetting ” no bail out” provision of the Maastricht Treaty. As a result, interest rates on Greek and Italian bonds were slightly different from German bonds only a small fraction of a percent.

All this creates a different dynamic market that caused the relationship between European governments and the European commercial banks. Because banks are heavily invested in government bonds, reducing the value of these severely affected banks. After this, the banks have turned themselves into their own government without subjecting them to creditors and depositors. This game of dominoes started with mortgage defaults in Ireland and Spain, creating serious problems for banks and governments to guarantee bank depositors and creditors; added government debt had weak banks and the government.

With the chart below it shows that countries that are using Euro as currency and others not using Euro but part of European community have seen their debts increased from 2007 to 2012 to 24.3% to their GDP compared to the 27 countries which is 26.3% to their GDP. It seemed that the 2007-2008 financial crisis has just confirmed the European financial instability problem which started earlier by printing money from the thin air to finance Governments and projects across the Europe. It has only worsened during the crisis as the European Central Bank had to increase printing money capacity with justification being it would help stabilize the economy but in reality has only created more deficits and debts for these countries.

In 2001 Countries like, Belgium, Italy and Greece, respectively are heavily in debts 106.5%; 106.3% and 103.7% thereafter by 2008 Belgium, Italy and Greece, had 89.2%; 106.1% and 112.9% compared to their GDP. In 2012, they had Belgium 99.8%, Italy 127%; and Greece 156.9%. The Irish, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus who become a euro country member in 2008 had respectively in 2001: 34.5%; Portugal 53.2% Spain 55.6% and Cyprus which become European Currency member in 2008, 61.2% debts compared to their respectively GDP, in 2012 Ireland 117.4%; Portugal 124.1%; Spain 86% and Cyprus 86.6%.

The countries using a single currency are still very vulnerable with uncertain future and with the incapacity of the European Central Bank swimming on this diverse group of countries where the political and the economic decision were transferred to ECB.


For the past few years there are discussions regarding African regions that can establish their own single currency which will consolidate the country political and economic maturity, self efficient this thought is good but it is not easy yet it is needed for improvement on legal, economic and social level. Certain leaders confuse People power as hereditary gift given by God to their family and want to die in the power. The countries organize election every 5 years and the people votes are confiscated. Which country in Africa can organize a peaceful election without outsiders to validate the election that the loser can congratulate the winner without a fight; and nobody hurts or mentioned massive fraud? Maybe in all the continent there are maybe 3 to 4 countries which are very poor numbers compare to European and Asian continents.

After more than 50 years of independence most of these Governments just continue to sell the raw material products and never try to start industry or plan to process these raw materials, which would create more jobs and have access to new processing technology, that will diversify the country’s economy; in the process to become semi high tech country. There is an economy boom in Africa at this moment but this economy boom is just based on the high demand to buy off the natural resources but not for the country or the government to set up a viable economy development plan to get out of this abject poverty by exploiting the resource, and setting up industry to improve the life style of their own citizenry. A good economy development plan is replaced by economy guessing with no real plan.

West Africa have been recording economy growth between 5.5% to 15% yearly based on the need of the natural resources; with this growth some of the government could not plan accordingly to use these growths to position their country/region and to be proud of their emerging market but instead still waiting to receive aid and become a parasite and depend on other people’s pockets. These aids are not free and come with several conditions, which put the country behind sometimes.

Regarding the single currency, West Africa States need to learn more from the European Single Currency experiences by reviewing and analyzing, what happened to the European Single currency? Why countries using euro are more in debt than the non euro zone countries? The European Central Bank that supposed regulated and backed up the management of the single currency has not been very efficient to deal with the crisis and the outcome stay uncertain.

In the past few years there was very strong goals, planning and commitment to unify the continent and to adopt a single currency, with a real Africa owned Central Bank, this commitment to set up a central bank will be backed by Gold where the Central Bank is owned at 100% by Africa and for Africans, and the bank decision will not be subject to any other international institution as World Bank, IMF or major continental bank. The African single currency will be backed by gold not printing money from a tiny air with direct and indirect cost to the members and also using control of the funds. Certain Central banks of today because they have the authority to print money not based on their assets in deposits but just the power given to them to print money and this power cost the citizen of the member states before receiving the loan requested. It becomes very lucrative business if you have the authority to print money from nothing, you loan the funds, you do not pay, and the lender becomes the title holder of you or the country.

This Single currency will be under the Authority of a Central Bank? Which Central Bank? What is the underlined security that the central Bank is going to use to create or finance its members? What is the total amount involved? Who owns what and controls what? Or is it going to be set up like the European Central Bank? Africa will just be a figure head and the new Central Bank that will just be the continuation of ECB philosophy which is going to be worse like other Central bank’s and also most of Central Banks are controlled by private bankers!

The goal that was discussed a few years ago concerning the creation of an African Single Currency and the procedures that were in placed are completely different than one that has been developing now, which is going to be a collective suicide with catastrophic consequences politically, economically and socially. Many of these countries are behind their own payrolls some of the employees have to wait for 6 months to a year before to receive their paychecks at the same time how are these people going to live, pay their bills and taxes?


The idea of a united West Africa comes into existence through activities that will promote its political, economic, social and even technological integration. The process of this integration however, is not always something easily achieved. The single West Africa currency as a measure to further political integration has proved to be beneficial when good cooperation between member states exists in circumstances where member states do not meet these criteria, the single West Africa currency can prove to be damaging not only for the ‘failed’ state but also for the other member states due to their heavy dependence on each other.


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Contribution to this article and the aforementioned series was made by Byron K. Belser. Mr. Belser assists Dr. Amouzou; he holds a Masters of Arts degree in Development Economics & a Law degree.

Raymond Bernhard West from West International Petroleum LLC & Fundacion Paraiso Sin Fronteras


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Marketocracy Inc. was founded in 2000 to find the best investors in the world and hold them accountable for results. Marketocracy enables individuals to prove themselves by managing a model portfolio in real time. The managers with models that beat the broad market by an average of 1,000 basis points per year for five years then apply their skills to the management of client money. Each MDS model portfolio starts out with $1 million of virtual money. MDS members manage their model portfolios by entering trade orders in real time. These orders are considered filled only if there is 10 times the volume available in the real market after the order is entered, and each fill is assessed a virtual commission of five cents per share. Dividends, stock splits, other corporate actions, and a management fee of 1.95% per year are accounted for daily. Marketocracy model portfolios are allowed to invest in securities that trade on a U.S. stock exchange. Options, futures, commodities, leverage, and shorting are not allowed.

This performance information pertains to Thomas Cloud Jr.’s model portfolio (symbol CND) and can be found by clicking on this link:

Marketocracy model portfolios are not personal recommendations for any particular investor; they do not take into account financial, investment, or other objectives and may not be suitable for every investor. Before buying, investors should consider whether the investment is suitable for themselves and their portfolio. Investing entails risks, including possible loss of principal.

Benchmarks or indices are used to track current and historical market performance by specific market segment (e.g., large/small capitalization) or investment style (e.g., growth/value) and are meant to provide a basis for comparison. Indices are unmanaged, pay no transaction fees, reflect past performance, and typically reflect the reinvestment of dividends or income.

The information contained in this communication has been compiled by ETFM from sources believed to be reliable; however, ETFM does not make any representation as to its accuracy, completeness, or correctness. Such information and opinions are subject to change without notice due to changes in market or economic conditions and may not necessarily come to pass. Any sectors or allocations referenced may or may not be represented in portfolios of clients of ETFM and do not represent all of the securities purchased, sold, or recommended for client accounts.

How efficient are same day payday loans?

Same day payday loans give a chance for people to have money at any time. People always need money to meet various expenses. There are also situations, which arise instantly and seek immediate monetary attention. With no funds in hand, people can undergo severe financial stress. This makes it impossible for them to overcome the problem. Moreover, neglecting it can only escalate the situation to a new level, causing a tremendous effect on a healthy lifestyle. With the help of payday loans, people can avoid such problems and ensure they maintain a healthy credit rating.

Same day payday loans, Australia, provide an excellent opportunity to search for a leading payday loan provider. The small loan industry is increasing at a fast rate. With the current economic condition, people are finding it hard to meet their normal living expenses and often reach out for these small loans. Small loans are unsecured and give relief to any person who requires urgent money. The money can be utilized to meet different emergencies. Finding an appropriate lender is necessary to ensure the transaction is free from any trouble.

Same day payday loans Australia, transfer the loan amount on the same day. People find it encouraging when they are in need of money at that very instance. The lender understands the importance of money and hence, makes sure that they keep their promises of lending money on the same day. To get an even faster response, these lenders are offering instant online submission for application forms. The application forms contain the candidate’s personal, address and employment details. In some cases the credit rating does not have any value however maintaining a proper income and job is crucial. The employment status provides the assurance to the credit provider that the borrower is in a condition to repay the amount by their next payday.

Payday loans generally have a maximum period of 30 days. Borrowers have to repay the total amount within this time. However, there may be a chance to extend the time by talking with the lender. The decision depends on the lender. If there is an extension, people will have to pay additional fees and charges. This could turn out to be expensive and, therefore, one will have to approach very carefully for an extension. Nevertheless, payday loans are the easiest way to get money instantly. The entire method is swift and does not need filling out any complex forms.

The reason for needing immediate money varies from one person to another. The money is the source to get things to lead a normal life. People with less annual income will often find it difficult to meet regular living expenses. In addition, emergencies arise without out of nowhere seeking financial attention. The already bad situation further weakens a person. One way to overcome these possibilities is a payday loan. The loan is unsecured and immediate. People can receive the loan amount on the same day. The availability of funds instantly gives the opportunity to meet the requirement of the situation.

How to Get Affordable Prom Dresses

Young adults commence early on to draw in strategies for promenade nighttime, when they wish to look their very best. A key point that influences the seems in the young girls is the picked promenade dress, that ought to essentially complement their character. It’s not very easy to research and locate a great promenade gown. Most pupils can sickly afford to commit a large amount of funds to obtain the most effective dress for that event. Adhering to we’ll talk over some excellent possibilities that allow you to get a great prom gown without the need of moving bankrupt.

Look for a vintage prom gown
It’s a typical notion that any vintage product is costly. In fact, plenty of antique dresses can be procured at far lower price ranges than the versions marketed by way of shops. You can surely get one at a reasonable price if you can spend some of your time and effort looking for a vintage dress. Following are a few other options if you are not keen to utilize a vintage dress for your prom night:

Studying the Closets

An alternative choice is to invest some time checking out the cabinets of a number of your mates or individuals your household. This will come practically free! Many girl like to preserve their prom dresses, making it so convenient to get one for yourself, without paying anything, except for making some minor alterations, if needed.
Low cost Store shopping

It can be completely wrong to conclude that every goods offered at great deals are of poor quality. Usually do not forget about discount stores supplying promenade gowns at lowered costs. You could be astonished at the outcomes!

Shopping on the internet

You should be aware that online shops sell items at less expensive costs, in comparison to brick and mortar retailers. A lot of labeled merchandise is readily available by way of online stores. An important benefit of online shopping is that, apart from saving your time, it allows you to visit various stores and compare their prices in a relatively short time. It is worth producing an effort, as typically one can get the desired items at affordable costs.
Generating the dress yourself

Well, if you are good at sewing and you have some level of creativity, why not make the prom dress on your own? You could lookup the net to find an appealing design and style, and you will get sewing instructions from Vimeo video clips!


You absolutely have found that, often, a straightforward outfit starts hunting fantastic when appropriate accessories are utilized. By doing this you could possibly stay away from shelling out a great deal of income for purchasing an exceptional outfit. You may be satisfied with a less than pricey item, along with the money stored might be used on getting some extras that would increase the fashion and looks of the dress.

You might want to stick to any of the above created ideas and get your promenade attire that may look fantastic, without needing to invest a ton of money.

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Oyster Lights – A Smart Choice

Proper lighting can really enhance the look and feel of any place and make it lively. You can spend thousands in deciding on the interiors of your house or placing the best furniture in it but everything seems worthless if you have not judiciously planned lighting fixtures for your house. A properly lit room not only looks beautiful but also has a pleasing influence on the occupants. Nowadays, there are several Lightning Fixtures available in the market. Of them all, Oyster Lights deserve a special mention for they are beautiful, energy efficient and fit in any type of home décor.

Oyster Lights are surface mounted lighting solutions ideal for ambience lighting both indoors and outdoors. They are shaped like an oyster shell and hence the name Oyster Lights. Due to their high aesthetic quotient and energy efficiency, they are fast replacing the more traditional means of lighting. They can be easily installed in apartments, commercial spaces, public buildings, corridors, etc. Here are a few more reasons why you must install Oyster Lights at your place.

Oyster Lights – A Smart Choice

    • Aesthetic Appeal- Oyster Lights are attractive and go well with modern home decor. They are available in a range of designs and sizes, which make it easy to install them at various places. They blend well with all type of interiors and decors.
    • Cost effective- They can be easily installed without any hassles due to which, they find use in residential, commercial and public set up. The installation costs involved are modest.
    • Energy saving- The glass with which, these Oyster Lights are made are energy efficient. They spread the light equally in the whole room offering proper illumination. Unlike the other lighting options, the light is not concentrated at one spot and is spread throughout the place. Hence, it is even not required to install extra lights.
    • Variety- Oyster Lights are available in a wide variety of materials and finishing. Myriad of sizes to suit the specific requirements of the buyers make them even more popular.

Olympic Lighting is one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of a wide range of Lighting Fixtures in Adelaide. Some of them include Wall Lights, Domestic Light Fittings Olympic Spotlights, LED Lighting, DIY Light, Down Lights, Pendant Lights, Table Lamp, Oysters Lights and many more. To know more about the company and to send your enquiries, you can log on to

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Old floor renovation Raiders let their brilliance shine new

Floor coverings after a long time , there will inevitably fade , fuzz , distortion , etc., are very affecting home beautiful. That was not necessarily need to be re- paved floor removing all new flooring it? Answer is no . Wood floor renovation can get home effect you want. So, wooden floor renovation how does it work , wood floor renovation price comes the question it, second-hand housing renovated what to pay attention to it ? Next, buy buy network Xiaobian you catch wood floor renovation knowledge .

Part1: the advantages of multi- floor renovation renovation requirements need attention

Compared to wood flooring tiles and other materials on the ground decoration , comfortable , natural beauty , and therefore appear in many homes . But the floor after a long stampede , the natural environment , there will be all kinds of loss phenomenon . The refurbishing process through the floor so that the floor can quickly re- hwan glory.

1 , floor renovation vs replaced with new flooring

Floor renovation is the floor surface by sanding , putty , paint , wax polish , so the old floor as a new unit . Compared to replace the new flooring and floor renovation cost is low, and the prolonged use of old flooring , wood sex becomes stable , environmentally friendly compared to a lot of good new flooring .

Waterproof decking material

Wpc materials

Veranda decking prices

2 , the timing of floor renovation

For how long after installing the floor in need of renovation problems, there is no fixed time period. Some floors were very careful if routine maintenance , no major problems , then even with a decade, nor in need of renovation ; while some floor if there is no good care , there have been a few years paint, cracks , etc. various issues , then they would be refurbished as soon as possible , because if not treated quickly , will make the situation more serious damage .

3 , floor renovation of the two approaches

Old floor renovation construction there are two ways , one is by the construction workers directly home renovation , and the other is to tear down the floor , and then go refurbished by the manufacturer , and then returned to the installation. Directly in the home renovation needs 8-10 days , removed the floor to get Refurbished total takes about 10-15 days. The first approach is relatively common, but in the course of construction dust, noise pollution is more serious . The second method refurbishment better, but also more troublesome corresponding higher wages.

4 , floor renovation requirements for flooring material

Wood , wood composite , wood floors can be refurbished three kinds

After three floors damaged, renovation measures can be taken . But also note that the thickness of the floor surface needs to reach 4 mm for the job because of floor renovation , I need to go through several polished, if the floor surface is too thin , it will polish out the middle layer , affecting the life of the floor .

Laminate flooring should not be refurbished

Laminate flooring is more serious if the damage occurred is not recommended renovation, replace all the best . First, because the floor to strengthen the relatively low prices, new flooring and renovation small price difference ; partly because of its laminate flooring surface hardest part , the middle is usually made ​​of high-temperature glue , when refurbished polished , it is easy to destroy the surface wear layer , causing more floors aging.

5 , severely damaged the floor renovation is not recommended

If the floor is more serious damage , a large area of ​​mildew and deformation , etc., is not recommended renovation. Because the floor mildew usually deep inside the floor , the floor surface will be polished or moldy spots ; while floor deformation and damage can not be remedied by grinding . If most of the floors were damaged , mildew , deformation, proposed to re- purchase.

6 , should not choose a local renovation

On the floor of a room better overall renovation , which can basically achieve the effect of the new floor . The choice is likely to cause a partial renovation of floors differences between old and new , longer floor life , the more obvious differences between the old and new .

Part2: general procedure step by step method of floor renovation

Floor renovation need to use a professional polishing machine , also involves painting processes, and therefore are generally dedicated to the renovation of the company . But the owners still need to first understand what the basic method steps refurbished to prevent construction workers pit themselves.

The first step: polished floor

The first step floor renovation , with large floor renovation mechanical polishing several times to remove the paint , the surface of 1-2 mm. Note that with 40 mesh , 80 mesh and 120 mesh sandpaper of different thicknesses three successive polished , mesh , the smaller particles sandpaper , sanding scratches left by the more obvious, to ensure smooth and delicate surface after sanding .

Step Two: Scratch putty

After sanding the floor need to re- leveling floor putty , using a special transparent floor paint primer matching putty , scraping the floor to be in good polish dry .

The third step: brush primer, color processing

Putty and then carried to the floor after brushing primer or color treatment . Because wood is a natural surface texture , color can not be changed , only adjust the depth of the floor color .

Step Four : Brush finish

After the dried primer coat painted again with water after grinding sandpaper carefully drying the floor surface somewhat rough grinding to remove fines from the second level of the paint brush .

Step Five: waxing polishing conservation

After the paint dried , with professional waxing equipment , the floor can be marked with floor wax polish .

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The Diesel Honda Civic Hatch

When it comes to the ever popular Honda Civic hatch, 2013 was a great year.  Not only were sales impressive, but the Australian market received the launch of the first ever Honda diesel. The DTi-S model was launched to complement the recently updated petrol range, to complete the set.

The Diesel Honda Civic Hatch 2013 model DTi-S has an impressive range of features. The power train is a 1.6 litre Honda I-DTEC four cylinder turbo diesel complemented with a manual six speed transmission. This engine system was launched in 2011 and is already in use in a number of European diesel Honda models. The combination provides 88Kw or power at 4000 rpm and 300 Mn torque at 2000 rpm. The fuel consumption figures are listed for the combined cycle at 4.0 litres per 100 kilometres.

It is also anticipated that the Australian market will also be offered a 2.2 litre diesel model CR-V model which manages fuel consumption of 5.8 litres per 100 kilometres. This SUV model produces 110 Kw of power and 350 Nw torque.

Honda has made the claim that their 1.6 litre engine is the lightest diesel in the world. It weighs only 170 kilograms due to an aluminium block and compact turbo charger. It is also thought to be due to the company’s focus on using high strength yet lighter weight materials.

The Honda Civic Hatch 2013 updated models have a number of standard features including auto stop/start, 17 inch alloy wheels, automatic wipers and headlights, climate control in dual zones, Hill Start Assist, daytime lights, monitoring system for tyre pressures and the Magic Seats system exclusive to Honda models.

The storage capacity in the rear is listed as providing 400 litres when the back seats are upright. However, when the rear seats are folded, this increases to 1130 litres. Additionally, the vehicle has a braked tow capacity of 1500 kilograms, with unbraked tow capacity of 500 kilograms, making the Honda Civic hatch 2013 model, a very flexible and adaptable family sized vehicle.

The Civic Diesel has received an ANCAP five star rating. Safety features include side, front and curtain air bags, Anti lock brakes, Brake Assist and Brakeforce Distribution systems and Vehicle Stability Assist. These features combine to ensure that the Civic feels safe and secure even in adverse weather conditions.

The drive and handling of the diesel Civic is typically Honda. It feels quiet and comfortable to drive. The handling creates an ease when driving and provides enough power to cope with the challenges of rural or city driving. Despite the vehicle having a low profile, the ride feels comfortable and the electric assisted steering proves to be yet another Honda success. The whole package created by the Honda Civic diesel ensures that you enjoy the ride without worrying about your fuel consumption.

If you are interested in the diesel Honda Civic Hatch 2013 model, or any Honda from the current range, contact us. We would be happy to arrange your test drive or answer any questions you may have.

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Where to Find Professional Curtain Cleaners?

Curtains are the beautiful window and door treatments that enhance the beauty of every home interior. There are various types of curtains made of different materials, which needs to be handled in a proper manner for cleaning. Though curtain cleaning appears to be easier and simpler, to retain the freshness and new look and to avoid damages, it is imperative to call for professional curtain cleaners, who can efficiently clean any type of curtains, keeping it look new and fresh with same beauty.

There are many cleaning services providing varieties of services, however, identifying right one is important to ensure firm cleaning in a cost effective manner. Here follows a few guides for where and how to find cleaning professional:

Online Sources:

There can be no better source than online to help finding best company that provides curtains cleaning services. With numbers of companies listed in online directories, the search becomes easier and simpler. However, online also demands efforts to be taken to identify the right one, as though everyone appears to be attractive in providing quality services, only very few deserves to be chosen and provides professional services. However, the best way to narrow down the search online is to read the reviews and testimonials given by customers who have experienced their services.

Check if the company is licensed:

The next thing to notice before hiring a company is if they are licensed. License is the proof of a company to know if they are genuine and professionals. Only a company that has all essential equipments, know basic skills, follow proper techniques and methods and have enough trained and knowledgeable staffs will be provided with the license. One can insist on seeing their certification and license before hiring. Moreover, it is also good to find if individual workers are also licensed, as they are the one who actually going to clean curtains.


Make sure if employees have workman’s compensation insurance. If they do not hold proper insurance, then it may be risk hiring them. This is because, in case of any accidents, the cover will be given by insurance company and not on customer. Moreover, there are also chances for damages to property when an accident occurs, these circumstances, therefore insist finding if they are insured.

Cost of Services:

This is another important criteria to be noticed. Each company has its own price ranges for different services. Therefore, it is wise verifying and knowing the cost before hiring service provider for curtain cleaning. Most of the companies will be willing to provide free quotes, which is beneficial to know cost of curtain cleaning. This will help avoid getting shocked after seeing bills once the job is over, are rather prepared with estimated money to pay.

Proper Customer services:

A Company must be providing proper customer service. They must respond to customer’s queries and answer all questions, which increases the confidence of a customer for hiring them. Instead, if they do hesitate in answering certain questions asked, then it becomes doubtful hiring.

Considering all factors, it is imperative analyzing, and choosing a cleaning company that meets all demands without any hassles. Click here and find more information about curtain cleaners Melbourne.

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