Guide to Hosting the Best Party Ever

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Occasions come and go. You might even forget now the last time you enjoyed a party to the blast. They seem to be just the same—everyone of it. Though there’s something memorable about the party that Amelia threw because that’s where you met Oliver, but other than that, you don’t remember anything. Sounds alerting, right? Being just like anybody’s party. A party to remember in a jiffy. So how do you hold a party of the decade or even a century to be exaggerated? Here’s how:

Make your theme quirky—Ask your guests to imitate Lady Gaga or to group themselves and play as their favorite bands or groups when they come in your party. Anything that would make them busy preparing before the party is perfect, just think of something that would suit the preference of your invited guests.

It would surely boost their happy meter as they think of how to look best in your party. Not to mention of how they would feel about everyone else’s dress. Knowing your audience well is the key and communicating with them should they doubt about participating.

Highlight a special activity—This should align to your theme and your guests’ preferences. Perhaps watching the best episode of “FRIENDS” together when you live in your 90’s or a game that most of you missed but didn’t know it until the party. The key here is to make it nostalgic and heart-pinching. Remember, there’s nothing like reliving the happy memories when you’re together with your friends and loved ones.

Serve a good food—Definitely, Nobody would argue about defending the otherwise. Who loves eating an awful-tasting food served in the tackiest manner, anyway? Hiring a catering service for your party would be your best option here. In Sydney for example, caterers like Cheap Catering is known for designing their food according to the theme of the party. You may also send your specific requests and ask to customize a food for your party.

Clean the venue—I’m not saying that you make the event venue sparkly clean but at least tidy things up. If you’re holding a house party, you can hire a company that will do the house cleaning for you. In that case, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. You may ask for your friends to recommend their cleaners to be sure of the quality and efficiency of the company that you’ll hire.

That’s pretty much on the list. When you follow these, certainly, hosting the best party ever will be off of your to-do’s this year.

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