Hitech Circuits Co., Limited is a PCB manufacturer in China with a long standing tradition of quality and excellence. One of our subsidiary focuses on all of kinds of metal based printed circuit boards at a low cost and with a quick turn lead time, such as: Aluminium PCB︱Aluminum PCB Bergquist Aluminium Based PCB Ceramic PCB Copper Based PCB Double Sided Aluminium Based PCB High Thermal Conductivity MPCB Metal Core PCB Mirror COB Aluminum PCB Metal core PCB assembl Single sided Aluminium PCB Iron based PCB IMS MCPCB COB Mirror Aluminum PCB High Power LED PCB Thermoelectric Separation of Copper Based PCB, etc. We have over 10 years contract electronic manufacturing experience and the production PCB Which are used in consumer electronics, LED lighting, telecommunication, computer application, industrial control, automobile, military, etc. We can meet all your Metal Core PCB & Rigid PCB manufacturing needs from single-sided to complex multi-layered metal clad substrate PCB's and from prototype through production.
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