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Because you may NOT read our terms and conditions (last revision 27/09/2010) we point them here.
Please note that: All you will publish here is your responsibility. Please make sure you have rights to publish any details and / or images
You are the owner of all materials published but OLALA.COM.AU may use these materials on our or our clients websites or social media anytime.
If you find that someone else use your copyrighted material we will help you to have all fixed (delete materials published by others on this website) as long as you prove you are the owner and you pay a fee starting with US$50. All time consumed with writting emails to you or other parties or helping you out to solve this kind of issues must be paid in advance at a rate of US$50/hour. It is not our obligation to keep safe your materials (text/info/images/movies). Any other issues such as compensations must be solved between direct involved parties.
All legal stuff is here
If you do not agree above please delete all your posts and stop using this system. All accounts with no posts are automatically deleted daily.

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