Before proceeding

If you are familiar with WordPress  just jump to My Account and start publishing, otherwise please watch video below. It is very easy.

Please create content and publish as soon as you create your account. An automatic system is setup to delete all accounts that has nothing created under their account.

There is no need to publish immediately your article, just start it and save it as draft.

Please make sure you publish it under a valid category. Most articles published under “not classified” category are deleted.

Create account, publish and see result. Do not be stressed and write about your website or business to push it up into search engines.


Please NOTE!

This is a free service, you create your account and you can delete it anytime. We can help in any moment starting with $50 inc GST

Do not create an account if you will not publish. All accounts with no post are deleted twice a day and an email used three times cannot be used at all on this system.

Need to remove your account?

Please feel free to do it by yourself or contact us and we will do it for you. Fee: $80 inc GST, payment via Paypal (cc or account) Contact for details. You will receive invoice

Advertising space available

$30/mo (top right 250px x 250px) or sticky post

Step 1. Create an account

How to create an account and how to setup your Nick Name onto

This video show you how to Create an Account on It is an WordPress based system with a few more good plugins installed

Step 2. Create content and publish

This video is about how to create post, add content (images and links) and how to public it on OLALA Network and Social Network with one click of mouse. BE NOTICED! Start it NOW!

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