Isabelle Clover

Everyone knows they "should" be healthy, but do they want to live a healthy lifestyle? Does being healthy bring happiness? How does stress affect health? What are the keys to a healthy lifestyle? What are the ways to be happy? Some make it to 90 without ever eating a vegetable or having a care in the world. Others are genetically predisposed to health issues all their life. And then of course, there are the rest of us! Those couch potatoes or unmotivated souls who just hope that life will be kind enough to keep them healthy despite themselves! Get out the potato chips, turn on the boob tube, and let your worries sink into oblivion... Well it's sad to say that quite often it takes something radical to force us into change. Oddly enough, these challenges turn out to be quite humbling and perhaps even rewarding. They bring a strength and motivation we never knew we possessed. We learn and grow in ways we never normally would. We change our habits and do things we never did before. Sometimes we may even look back and be thankful for those challenges.
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