I am waqas ahmad and master of some within the remit of digital products & marketing.

My ethos is based on 3 fundamentals. Long term relationships. Creativity. Results.
Long term relationships form the fertile ground required for trust and communication.

7+ years of direct hands on experience in online marketing, keyword analysis, SEO (search engine optimization), SEO content development, social media, SMO (social media optimization), Organic key wording and traffic.

I am always in learning phase, observe the things , love the nature and help others

Apart from these i am passionate about blogging , health/fitness and nutrition, I can rank your site and can promote the brand ,
On time deliverance , Expert in Social media marketing , email marketing , ppc , link building, blogger out reach etc

Specialist in :

Link building
Content Strategy

I work in different themes like sports, business/finance, loan, education, health/fitness , dating and many more.

Working with live person, Caesars, Sem solution , Moz etc

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